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Stormy Staxxx · (281)506-4206 · Houston Escort

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I'm as down to Earth as it gets. A complete open book with an amazing life story that still is continuing on. I am a retired Marine, however please don't let the tattoos and military background fool you. I am as sweet natured, compassionate, and considerate as it gets. "A sheep in wolf's clothing" as I've been described, in laymens terms my exterior is complete opposite to my interior...a complete contradiction to what you would assume. As intelligent as I portray myself to be I am definitely a complete Nerd. During my down time (whenever I finally have some) I enjoy video games amongst a vast majority of hobbies that I have, I prefer to nerd out. What's life without a laugh? That being said, as quick witted as I am, I enjoy playful sarcasm. It's fun to tease in more ways than one. I believe it relieves some of the tension and shyness, being able to play with each other and get more comfortable. Speaking of playing with each other, I ooze sensuality and am one hundred percent affectionate. Giving off the illusion of love. I adore my regulars and definitely make more time to see them than new people...however I will of course be more than happy to meet, I'm just more accommodating to my regulars when it comes to going above and beyond to meet. I love making every time we meet something new, special, spectacular, and unlike the last time. I'm a little personal and wild behind close doors. I promise the first time we meet won't be our last...and will never feel like the first.

As Always, My Pleasure.
Stormy Staxxx

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